Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

246. Globalisation gives primacy to unbriddled

A. Welfare means

B. Trade

C. Socialism

D. Consumerism

Answer :D

Solution :

247. Original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is contained in

A. Article 131

B. Article 129

C. Article 132

D. Article 136

Answer :A

Solution :

248. The power of the President to consult the Supreme Court is under Article

A. 132

B. 143

C. 136

D. 131

Answer :B

Solution :

249. The sequence of procedure for passing a Bill in the House is

A. First reading, Committee stage, report stage, second reading, third reading

B. First reading, second reading, committee stage, report stage, third reading

C. First reading, second reading, third reading, Committee stage, report stage

D. First reading, Committee stage, second reading, third reading

Answer :B

Solution :

250. In a federal system the guardian of the Constitution is

A. the Parliament

B. the Judiciary

C. the council of Ministers

D. the National Security Advisor

Answer :B

Solution :

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