Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

191. The Chairman of Council of States is elected by

A. Elected members of Council of States

B. All members of the Council of States

C. Members of both Houses of Parliament

D. elected members of the Parliament

Answer :C

Solution :

192. which of the following is not an objective of the Directive Principles of State Policy

A. To ensure a welfare state

B. to ensure socio-economic justice

C. To establish a religious state

D. to ensure the creation of village Panchayath

Answer :C

Solution :

193. The Head of the government under a Parliamentary government enjoys

A. Real power

B. nominal power

C. limited power

D. no power

Answer :A

Solution :

194. The classification of government as unitary and federal is on the basis of

A. Centralization of power

B. division of power

C. delegation of powers

D. delegation of powers

Answer :B

Solution :

195. Community Development Program was launched on

A. 2nd October 1951

B. 2nd October 1952

C. 2nd October 1953

D. 2nd October 1954

Answer :B

Solution :

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