Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

226. Which is the list that contains subjects in which both the centre and the states can legislate?

A. Union list

B. State list

C. Residuary list

D. Concurrent list

Answer :D

Solution :

227. The authority to alter the boundaries of state in India rests with

A. State government

B. Parliament

C. Parliament

D. President

Answer :B

Solution :

228. The Union Government gives grants-in-aid to the states on the recommendations of the

A. Planning Commission

B. National Integration Council

C. Finance Commission

D. National Development Council

Answer :C

Solution :

229. Which among the following is empowered to constitute Inter State Council?

A. The Parliament

B. The President

C. The National Development Council

D. The Planning Commission

Answer :B

Solution :

230. The salary of judges during their offices can be reduced by the

A. Article 352

B. Article 356

C. Article 360

D. Article 359

Answer :C

Solution :

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