Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

141. ‘Who holds the purse holds the power’ who said this

A. Jawahar Lal Nehru

B. Harold Laski

C. Clement Attle

D. James Madison

Answer :D

Solution :

142. (88)Which article of the Constitution of India says “there shall be a council of Ministers with the Prime Minister at the head to aid and advice the President”

A. Article 74

B. Article 75

C. Article 79

D. Article 80

Answer :A

Solution :

143. The President of the Indian Republic has

A. Only suspensive veto

B. Absolute veto

C. Pocket veto

D. None of these

Answer :A

Solution :

144. The members of the Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to

A. Judiciary

B. House of the People

C. Council of States

D. The President

Answer :B

Solution :

145. Under which Article of the Constitution of India, the Governor of a state can resume a Bill for the consideration of the President

A. Article 196

B. Article 196

C. Article 202

D. Article 204

Answer :B

Solution :

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