Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

16. The word ‘secularism’ was added to the Preamble of the Constitution of India by which amendment

A. 40th

B. 42nd

C. 44th

D. 46th

Answer :B

Solution :

17. Right to Property is included in Article

A. 32

B. 19

C. 31

D. 14

Answer :C

Solution :

18. Right to Property was removed from Fundamental Rights by which amendment

A. 29th

B. 25th

C. 44th

D. 42nd

Answer :D

Solution :

19. Part IV A of the Indian Constitution deal with

A. Fundamental Duties

B. Fundamental Rights

C. Directive Principles of state Policy

D. Citizenship

Answer :A

Solution :

20. The procedure for amending the Constitution of India is

A. Rigid

B. flexible

C. partly rigid and flexible

D. None of these

Answer :C

Solution :

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