Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

196. National Extension Service was launched on

A. 2nd October 1953

B. 2nd October 1952

C. 2nd October 1951

D. 2nd October 1950

Answer :A

Solution :

197. Political homogeneity is a feature of

A. Presidential system

B. Parliamentary system

C. Democratic system

D. Collegiate executive

Answer :B

Solution :

198. To organize village Panchayath as units of self government is an example of

A. Liberal principle

B. Economic principle

C. Gandhian principle

D. None of these

Answer :C

Solution :

199. The age to exercise franchise was reduced from 21 years to 18 years by

A. 42nd amendment

B. 44th amendment

C. 61st amendment

D. 72nd amendment

Answer :C

Solution :

200. The President of India can dissolve the House of People on the recommendation of the

A. Vice President

B. Chief Justice

C. Cabinet

D. Council of Ministers

Answer :D

Solution :

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