Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

211. The Cabinet Mission was appointed

A. To work out the modalities for the transfer of power

B. to finalise the date for the transfer of power

C. To discuss the Plan of partition

D. to partition of Bengal

Answer :A

Solution :

212. Provincial autonomy was introduced by the Act of

A. 1935

B. 1919

C. 1909

D. 1947

Answer :A

Solution :

213. The interim government proposed under the Cabinet Mission Plan was formed on

A. 15th August 1946

B. 2nd September 1946

C. 26th July 1947

D. 26th January 1950

Answer :B

Solution :

214. The British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act in

A. July 1947

B. January 1947

C. June 1947

D. August 1947

Answer :C

Solution :

215. Periodic elections to the local bodies are made mandatory by

A. 72nd amendment

B. 73rd amendment

C. 86th amendment

D. 87th amendment

Answer :B

Solution :

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