Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

11. Keshavananda Bharati case was associated with

A. Fundamental Rights

B. Directive Principles of State Policy

C. State right

D. Armed rebellion

Answer :A

Solution :

12. The word ‘socialist’ was added to the Preamble of the Constitution of India by which amendment

A. 44th

B. 27th

C. 21st

D. 42nd

Answer :D

Solution :

13. The Constitution of India is

A. Rigid

B. flexible

C. Combination of rigidity and flexibility

D. Neither rigid nor flexible

Answer :C

Solution :

14. Right to Freedom is guaranteed in which article

A. 17

B. 19

C. 18

D. 20

Answer :B

Solution :

15. Directive Principles of State Policy is

A. Justifiable

B. non-justifiable

C. mandatory

D. None of these

Answer :B

Solution :

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