Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

181. The Concurrent list in the Constitution of India was adopted from

A. Switzerland

B. Australia

C. Canada

D. Irish

Answer :B

Solution :

182. The Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution of India was adopted from

A. Irish

B. Canada

C. Germany

D. Australia

Answer :A

Solution :

183. The makers of the Constitution of India adopted the concept of Judicial Review from

A. Russia

B. Germany


D. Australia

Answer :C

Solution :

184. Fundamental Rights are included in articles

A. 15-24

B. 12-36

C. 36-51

D. 52-62

Answer :B

Solution :

185. Untouchability Offence Act 1955 was renamed as “The Protection of Civil Rights Act 1955” in

A. 1972

B. 1977

C. 1976

D. 1955

Answer :C

Solution :

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