Assam History MCQ

1. Name of the first Ahom King was?

A. Sukapha

B. Suteupha

C. Subinpha

D. Sukhampha

Answer :A

Solution :

2. In which year Sir Shadulla's Ministry formed?

A. 1951

B. 1950

C. 1937

D. 1947

Answer :C

Solution :

3. Major part of the Kachari kingdom was occupied by the Ahoms during the reign of which of the following kings?

A. Sukhampha

B. Sutingpha

C. Rudra Singha

D. Suhungmung

Answer :D

Solution :

4. Rani Gaidula, a famous character of Indian Movement belonged to which tribe?

A. the Lalung tribes of Assam

B. the Naga tribes of Assam

C. the kachari tribes of Assam

D. the karbi tribes of Assam

Answer :B

Solution :

5. Mula Gabharu died fighting against

A. Det Chung

B. Mir Jumla

C. Turbak

D. Mirza Nathan

Answer :C

Solution :

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