Assam History MCQ

61. The persian chronicle Fathiya-i-Ibriya was compiled by

A. Mir jumla

B. Jahangir

C. Mirza Nathan

D. Shahib-ud-din Talish

Answer :D

Solution :

62. In which year King Naranarayan died?

A. 1587

B. 1589

C. 1582

D. 1580

Answer :A

Solution :

63. The 350 miles long old Gohain Kamal Ali connects Koch Behar with

A. Garhgaon

B. Sala

C. Narayanpur

D. Charaikhorong

Answer :C

Solution :

64. Ratnamala compiled by Purusottama Vidyavagish is a work on:

A. Astrology

B. Novel

C. Poetry

D. Grammer

Answer :D

Solution :

65. In which year was the treaty of Ghilajhari Ghat signed?

A. 1663

B. 1666

C. 1681

D. 1683

Answer :A

Solution :

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