Assam History MCQ

46. In which year the battle of Saraighat was fought?

A. 1661

B. 1671

C. 1618

D. 1616

Answer :B

Solution :

47. During the Kamrupa king Bhaskarvarman's period, the officer who was in charge of royal treasury was known as:

A. Bhandaragaradhikara

B. Ban Bhandara Barua

C. Utkhetayita

D. Nagar Brahman

Answer :A

Solution :

48. The battle of Saraighat was fought between

A. The Burmas and the Koches

B. The Ahoms and Mughals

C. The Ahoms and the Kacharies

D. The Mughals and the Koches

Answer :B

Solution :

49. What was the name of the grandmother of Sankardeva?

A. Hira

B. Sadhani

C. Khersuti

D. Jira

Answer :C

Solution :

50. Which Mughal general invaded Ahom kingdom and occupied Gargaon?

A. Mir Jumla

B. Mirza Nathan

C. Raja Ram Singh

D. Abu Bakar

Answer :A

Solution :

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