66. Bhaskar-varman issued the famous Nidhanpur Copper-plate grant after the battle:

A. Pundravardhan

B. Karnasuvarna

C. Kamrup

D. Gauda

Answer :B

Solution :

67. Which Ahom Swargadeo built the temple of Umananda?

A. Rudra Singha

B. Siva Singha

C. Godadhar Singha

D. Pramatta Singha

Answer :C

Solution :

68. Which of the following was famous for astrology?

A. Pragjyotishpur

B. Kamrup

C. Charaidew

D. Saumara

Answer :A

Solution :

69. Which Ahom king was popularly known as "Bamuni Konwar"?

A. Suhungmung

B. Subinpha

C. Sujungpha

D. Sudangphaa

Answer :D

Solution :

70. In 1585 Koch kingdom was visited by an English traveler. What was his name?

A. Tavemier

B. Ralph Fitch

C. Nicolo Conti

D. None of these

Answer :B

Solution :

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