31. Rajopakhayan by Mushi Jay Nath Ghose is a chronicle of the

A. Koch

B. Kacharies

C. Ahoms

D. Chutias

Answer :A

Solution :

32. Srimanta Sankardeva was born in

A. 1749

B. 1669

C. 1559

D. 1449

Answer :D

Solution :

33. The two kanai Barasi Rock inscription near Manikarneswar Hill was in

A. Tai

B. Assamese

C. Persian

D. Sanskrit

Answer :B

Solution :

34. Badan Barphukan was the governor of

A. Sadiya

B. Solal

C. Kamrup

D. Marangi

Answer :C

Solution :

35. From whose reign was Sanskrit language used on Ahom coins?

A. Sudangpha

B. Pratap Singha

C. Siva Singha

D. Rudra Singha

Answer :D

Solution :

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