91. The Silsako stone bridge of North Guwahati destroyed due to earthquake in the year:

A. 1897

B. 1898

C. 1899

D. 1900

Answer :A

Solution :

92. The name of the first Barbarua of Ahom kingdom was:

A. Rupchand Barbarua

B. Momai Tamuli

C. Laluksola Borphukan

D. None of them

Answer :B

Solution :

93. The Sutiya Kingdom was founded by:

A. Vijayadhwajpal

B. Ratnadhwajpal

C. Birpal

D. Karmadhwajpal

Answer :C

Solution :

94. The first local man from Mech tribe to accept Islam during the invitation Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji?

A. Ismail Gazi

B. Ali Mech

C. Sikander Shah

D. None of them

Answer :B

Solution :

95. The temple of Tamreswari Mai was dedicated to

A. Shiva

B. Somdeo

C. Vishne

D. The goddess Tamreswari

Answer :D

Solution :

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