Assam History MCQ

71. In the battle of Saraighat (1671) between Ahoms and Mughals, the Ahom Army was commanded by Lachit Barphukan. Who was the commander of Mughals?

A. Ram Singha

B. Askar Khan

C. Mir Jumla

D. Bakht Khan

Answer :A

Solution :

72. Famous Kamrupi poet Hema Saraswati was a court poet of Kamatapur's King

A. Nara Narayan

B. Dharma Narayan

C. Vaidyadeva

D. Durlabh Narayan

Answer :D

Solution :

73. In January 1663, Treaty of Ghilajharighat was signed by Ahoms with the Mughal commander:

A. Abu Bakar

B. Raja Ram Singha

C. Mir Jumla

D. Mirza Nathan

Answer :C

Solution :

74. The Pasupatinath temple inscription in Nepal refers to "Gaudradi Kalingkashala Patti". Who was he?

A. Sri Harsha Dev

B. Harshavardhan

C. Bhaskar Varman

D. Yasovarman

Answer :A

Solution :

75. According to Ramayana, Amurtaraja was the founder of the kingdom of

A. Pragjyotisha

B. Srihat

C. Koch Behar

D. Darrang

Answer :A

Solution :

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