Assam History MCQ

11. The first capital of the Ahom was

A. Sadiya

B. Charaideo

C. Garhgaon

D. Rangpur

Answer :B

Solution :

12. The Koch coins were known as

A. Tanka

B. Mohar

C. Mudra

D. Narayani

Answer :D

Solution :

13. The ancient name of Cachar was

A. Hidimba

B. Diapur

C. Dhanashree

D. Narayanpur

Answer :A

Solution :

14. The Sinagiri Ghar celebration was first held by

A. Suhungmung

B. Seteupha

C. Gadapani

D. Sukapha

Answer :C

Solution :

15. Who wrote 'Tungkhugia Buranji'?

A. Visheswar Baidyadhipha

B. Srinath Barbarua

C. Dutiram Hazarik

D. Kashinath Tamuli Phukan

Answer :B

Solution :

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