86. What was the similarity among Hem Saraswati, Kaviratna Saraswati and Hari Har Bipra?

A. All were Kamrupi Spies

B. All were Kamrupi Poets

C. All were Kamrupi Priests

D. All were Kamrupi Sadagars

Answer :B

Solution :

87. The language used in the inscription of the Koch kings was:

A. Sanskrit

B. Assamese

C. Persian

D. Bengali

Answer :A

Solution :

88. In which year the Mughals Attack Ahom Kingdom for the first time?

A. 1608

B. 1612

C. 1614

D. 1615

Answer :D

Solution :

89. What was staple crop in ancient Assam?

A. Coconut

B. Barley

C. Rice

D. Wheat

Answer :C

Solution :

90. Chandibar was the great grandfather of whom?

A. Damodar Dev

B. Sankardeva

C. Madhava Dev

D. Gopal Dev

Answer :B

Solution :

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