36. The Marangikhowa Gohain was the governor of

A. Solal province

B. Kamrup

C. Marangi province

D. Sadiya province

Answer :C

Solution :

37. The Ahom first used the saka era during the reign of

A. Suhungmung

B. Pratap Singha

C. Sukapha

D. Subinpha

Answer :A

Solution :

38. The first Ahom Barbarua was

A. Lachit

B. Momai Tamuli

C. Badanchandra

D. Langi Panihya

Answer :B

Solution :

39. One of the disciples of Sankardeva was

A. Madhav kandali

B. Mahendra Narayan

C. Naranarayan

D. Chand Khan

Answer :D

Solution :

40. Name of the Ahom king who married the koch princess Mongaldoi

A. Sukhampha

B. Surampha

C. Suhungmung

D. Suklengmung

Answer :A

Solution :

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