Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

156. The members of the Planning Commission have the status equal to that of

A. Central cabinet ministers

B. state ministers

C. Deputy Ministers

D. Members of Parliament

Answer :A

Solution :

157. which among the following is not created by the Constitution

A. Planning Commission

B. Finance Commission

C. Election Commission


Answer :A

Solution :

158. India is a Republic in the sense that

A. it has an elected Head of the state

B. has an elected Head of the Government

C. it has a bi-cameral legislature

D. it has sovereign power

Answer :A

Solution :

159. Chairman of the Finance Commission is appointed by the

A. Prime Minister

B. Council of Ministers

C. President

D. Vice President

Answer :C

Solution :

160. Planning Commission was formed by Government of India by a resolution in

A. 1950

B. 1947

C. 1944

D. 1946

Answer :A

Solution :

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