Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

221. From among the following which amendment of the Constitution of India made “education to Children” as a Fundamental Duty?

A. 86th

B. 85th

C. 42nd

D. 72nd

Answer :A

Solution :

222. National Development Council was constituted in

A. 1950

B. 1951

C. 1952

D. 1947

Answer :C

Solution :

223. The qualification for the Chairman and the members of the Finance Commission are specified in

A. Finance Act of 1951

B. Finance Act of 1952

C. Finance Act of 1950

D. Finance Act of 1953

Answer :A

Solution :

224. Finance Commission is constituted every 5 years by the

A. President

B. Parliament

C. Union Council of Ministers

D. Speaker

Answer :A

Solution :

225. The states enjoy exclusive jurisdiction over subjects of

A. Union list

B. State list

C. Residuary List

D. Concurrent list

Answer :B

Solution :

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