Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

146. The term federal is derived from the Latin word ‘foedus’ which means

A. Separation

B. Distribution

C. Covenant

D. None of these

Answer :C

Solution :

147. Which commission has examined the centre- state relations

A. Sarkaria Commission

B. Sri Krishna Commission

C. Rajamannar Commission

D. Kher Commission

Answer :A

Solution :

148. In the Indian federal system, residuary powers rest with the

A. Local government

B. State

C. Judiciary

D. Centre

Answer :D

Solution :

149. Unequal representation of states in the Council of States in India indicates

A. The Federal nature

B. the unitary features

C. the bicameral features

D. none of these

Answer :B

Solution :

150. The chairman of the National Development Council is

A. Finance Minister

B. Defence Minister

C. Prime Minister

D. Home Minister

Answer :C

Solution :

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