Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

236. The power of the Supreme Court can be enlarged by

A. Cabinet

B. Parliament

C. President

D. Chief Justice

Answer :B

Solution :

237. Judge of the Supreme Court can be removed from offices by

A. Executive order

B. Impeachment

C. Judicial order

D. Bureaucracy

Answer :B

Solution :

238. Which article of the Constitution of India deals with the Advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court

A. Article 74

B. Article 142

C. Article 143

D. Article 147

Answer :C

Solution :

239. Subjects in the -------------- schedule is beyond the scope of Judicial Review

A. 8th

B. 9th

C. 12th

D. 3rd

Answer :B

Solution :

240. The Advisory Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court was adopted from the Constitution of

A. Germany


C. Australia

D. Australia

Answer :D

Solution :

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