Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

21. Elections to the local government bodies are made mandatory by which amendment

A. 72nd

B. 73rd

C. 64th

D. 63rd

Answer :B

Solution :

22. Panchayath Raj is included in the

A. Union list

B. Concurrent list

C. State list

D. Residuary power

Answer :C

Solution :

23. Village Panchayath is organized under which article of the Constitution of India

A. Article 37

B. Article 38

C. Article 39

D. Article 40

Answer :D

Solution :

24. Among the following which agency conducts election to the local bodies

A. National Election Commission

B. State Election Commission

C. Local bodies themselves

D. the Government

Answer :B

Solution :

25. The chairman of the National Development Council is the

A. Prime Minister

B. President

C. Vice President

D. Governor

Answer :A

Solution :

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