Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

231. The unlawful detention of a person is questioned by the writ of

A. Habeas Corpus

B. Certiorari

C. Quo Warranto

D. Mandamus

Answer :A

Solution :

232. The High Court in India do not possess

A. Original jurisdiction

B. Appellate jurisdiction

C. Advisory jurisdiction

D. Revisory jurisdiction

Answer :C

Solution :

233. Provisions under 9th schedule

A. Can be challenged in a court of law

B. Can’t challenge in a court of law

C. Can seek opinion in a court of law

D. None of these

Answer :B

Solution :

234. Under which article of the Constitution the Supreme Court of India has been established

A. 24

B. 124

C. 224

D. 231

Answer :B

Solution :

235. The High Court has the power to issue writ under article

A. 32

B. 220

C. 226

D. 344

Answer :C

Solution :

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