Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

241. The Union Legislature in India is empowered

A. Not to amend the basic structure of the Constitution

B. to amend the basic structure of the Constitution

C. To abrogate the basic structure

D. None of these

Answer :A

Solution :

242. Preventive Detention is a reasonable restriction on

A. Article 14

B. Article 19

C. Article 21

D. Article 32

Answer :C

Solution :

243. Which of the following is the inevitable outcome of liberalization?

A. Retrace of the state

B. reentry of the state

C. Neutrality of the state

D. None of these

Answer :A

Solution :

244. which of the following is inherent in communalism

A. Peace for all religious sects

B. racial overtone

C. Ethnic rivalry

D. Antagonistic assertion in all spheres of life

Answer :D

Solution :

245. Communalism is opposed to

A. Secular credential

B. ethnic conflict

C. friendship between class

D. All of the above

Answer :A

Solution :

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