Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

111. Concurrent list was adopted from

A. Russian Constitution

B. American Constitution

C. Swiss constitution

D. French Constitution

Answer :C

Solution :

112. Equality before law and Equal protection of law have been modelled on the Constitution of

A. Britain

B. America

C. Russian

D. Switzerland

Answer :A

Solution :

113. Which article of the constitution of India empower the President to take over the administration of a state on the basis of failure of constitutional machinery

A. 365

B. 352

C. 356

D. 360

Answer :C

Solution :

114. In India the power of ‘amnesty’ has been given to the

A. President

B. Prime Minister

C. Chief of the army

D. Parliament

Answer :A

Solution :

115. The President’s rule in a state can be continued at a stretch for a maximum period of

A. 4years

B. 2years

C. 3 years

D. one year

Answer :D

Solution :

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