Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

131. The Speaker use the ‘casting vote’

A. to maintain status quo

B. to challenge the opposition

C. to defeat the government

D. in the absence of the Prime Minister

Answer :A

Solution :

132. Council of states in India can delay a money bill for

A. indefinite period

B. 6 months

C. 1 month

D. 14 days

Answer :D

Solution :

133. Starred questions requires

A. Oral answer

B. unwritten answer

C. supplementary question

D. None of these

Answer :A

Solution :

134. Consolidated Fund is

A. votable

B. non votable

C. non plan

D. None of these

Answer :B

Solution :

135. Council of States in India can create an All India Service by

A. Simple majority

B. 3⁄4 majority

C. 2/3 majority

D. unanimously

Answer :C

Solution :

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