Indian Constitution And Politics MCQ

171. The Montague Chelmsford Reforms is known as

A. Government of India Act 1919

B. Government of India Act 1935

C. Government of India Act 1909

D. Government of India Act 1892

Answer :A

Solution :

172. Government of India Act 1909 is known as

A. Montague Chelmsford Reforms

B. Minto Morley Reforms

C. Cabinet Mission Plan

D. Cripps Mission Plan

Answer :B

Solution :

173. The Objective Resolution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly in

A. January 1947

B. July 1947

C. August 1947

D. May 1947

Answer :A

Solution :

174. The Constitution Drafting Committee constituted by the Constituent Assembly consisted of

A. 5 member

B. 6 members

C. 7 members

D. 8 members

Answer :C

Solution :

175. The Constitution of India consists of

A. 390 articles

B. 396 articles

C. 395 articles

D. 394 articles

Answer :C

Solution :

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