Culture Assam MCQ

36. Mishing peoples of Assam originally belong to ___________

A. Australoid

B. Mongoloid

C. Austro-Austric

D. Indo-Aryan

Answer :B

Solution :

37. Official Ali-A:yé-Lígang (Ali Aye Leegang) a traditional festival of Mishing people was first celebrated in______

A. Assam

B. Arunachal Pradesh

C. Sikkim

D. Nagaland

Answer :B

Solution :

38. "Satsana Phi" is a folk religion of which tribe ________

A. Mishings

B. Tai Ahom

C. Karbis

D. Kachari

Answer :B

Solution :

39. Which is the Oldest Masjid in Assam?

A. Poa Mecca in Hajo

B. Panbari Masjid in ‎Dhubri district

C. Ajan Pir Dargah in Sibsagar

D. Bor Masjid in Jayantipur, Kaliabor

Answer :B

Solution :

40. During which century did Muslim first came to Assam?

A. 9th Century

B. 11th Century

C. 13th Century

D. 14th Century

Answer :C

Solution :

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