Culture Assam MCQ

6. Sonowal Kacharis are descendants of the ‘Hammusa’ family belong to the ___________ of people

A. Mongolian race

B. Aethiopian race

C. Caucasian race

D. Caucasian race

Answer :A

Solution :

7. The main deity of the Rabhas is called ________

A. Aditi

B. Bhaga

C. Atri

D. Rishi

Answer :D

Solution :

8. The Karbis(Tibeto-Burman group) are a Patrilineal society composed of ________ major clans or Kur.

A. 43

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

Answer :C

Solution :

9. Peng Karkli is a traditional festival celebrated by which tribe

A. Tiwa

B. Mech Kachari

C. Rabha

D. Karbi

Answer :D

Solution :

10. Rongker is a ___________ observed by the Karbi people of Assam.

A. Autumn festival

B. Harvest festival

C. Spring festival

D. Summer festival

Answer :C

Solution :

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