Culture Assam MCQ

21. "Thamchat" is a written code which is referred to by the village elders while deciding of local nature and is possess by which tribe of the people______

A. Deoris

B. Sarania Kachari

C. Tai Phake

D. Tiwa

Answer :C

Solution :

22. The Deori community belongs to the __________ family of Mongoloid stock

A. Sino-Tibetan

B. Tibetan

C. Tibeto-Burmans

D. Burmans

Answer :A

Solution :

23. The people of Deori tribe are mainly divided into _________ groups or clans

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

Answer :B

Solution :

24. [ IBAKU BISU, METUWA (Two main festivals)], BIYA-LAGABA (marriage), MIDIMUMA (worships) are the religious and traditioanl festival of which community

A. Tiwa

B. Rabha

C. Karbi

D. Deori

Answer :D

Solution :

25. Which traditional festival is also known as Nara Singha Bihu?

A. Ali- Aye- Ligang

B. Porag

C. Baguramba

D. Baishagu

Answer :B

Solution :

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