Culture Assam MCQ

11. "Jambili Athon" is an extraordinary woodcraft of the of which tribe

A. Karbi

B. Dimasa

C. Tea Tribes

D. Tai Phake

Answer :A

Solution :

12. "Chutiya people" are the descendants of the __________ family of Mongoloid origin.

A. Tibetan

B. Tibeto-Burmans

C. Tai

D. Sino-Tibetan

Answer :D

Solution :

13. The original language of the Chutiyas which is known by the same name i.e. Chutiya.belong to the ___________

A. Tibeto-Burman language

B. Tibetan

C. Indo-Aryan languages

D. Indo-Iranian languages

Answer :A

Solution :

14. Kalita is an ethnic group or a caste of Hindus belong to ____________

A. Brahmins

B. Kshatriya

C. Vaishyas

D. Vaishyas

Answer :B

Solution :

15. Jalia Kaibarta (Keot) originally belong to _________________

A. Sino-Tibetan

B. Mongoloid

C. Austric-Mongoloid

D. Indo-Aryan

Answer :C

Solution :

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