81. I ________. I didn’t hear you come in.

A. was slept

B. slept

C. am sleeping

D. was sleeping

Answer :D

Solution :

82. The police ________ the thief.

A. were chasing

B. was chasing

C. was chased

D. were chased

Answer :A

Solution :

83. Tomorrow I ________ all day.

A. will painting

B. will be paint

C. will be painting

D. will paint

Answer :C

Solution :

84. I ________ to see her twice, but she wasn’t home.

A. come

B. was came

C. came

D. was coming

Answer :C

Solution :

85. I ________ to the mountains this weekend.

A. go

B. am going

C. gone

D. going

Answer :B

Solution :

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