26. My father ___________ newspaper after getting up.

A. read

B. is read

C. am read

D. reads

Answer :D

Solution :

27. One must consider about any matter before ___________ it.

A. deciding

B. decides

C. decide

D. decided

Answer :A

Solution :

28. Wait for us at home until I ___________ from office.

A. returned

B. am return

C. returns

D. return

Answer :D

Solution :

29. They ___________ asked to give opinion in their own words.

A. may be

B. could be

C. might

D. have being

Answer :A

Solution :

30. Do you know, I ___________ asked by them to be honest?

A. am

B. is

C. were

D. are

Answer :A

Solution :

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