76. I have ________ studying French.

A. begin

B. beginned

C. began

D. begun

Answer :D

Solution :

77. I always ________ my best.

A. trying

B. trys

C. am trying

D. try

Answer :D

Solution :

78. He told me that he had ________ all the work himself.

A. done

B. did

C. done did

D. has done

Answer :A

Solution :

79. Robin Hood was a character who ________ from the rich and gave to the poor.

A. stole

B. was stealing

C. was stole

D. has stealing

Answer :A

Solution :

80. I ________ him stealing that woman’s purse

A. caught

B. catch

C. catched

D. have catch

Answer :A

Solution :

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