61. I’m really tired today. I ________ (do) my exercises tomorrow.

A. will do

B. will doing

C. will have done

D. will be doing

Answer :A

Solution :

62. Next week when there ______ a Chinook, the temperature will be warmer.

A. is being

B. will be

C. will have been

D. is

Answer :D

Solution :

63. Harrison Ford is a famous actor. He ____ in many popular movies.

A. appeared

B. has appeared

C. had appeared

D. has been appearing

Answer :B

Solution :

64. I can’t join you for lunch. I ______ for an important phone call.

A. am waiting

B. wait

C. have waited

D. will wait

Answer :A

Solution :

65. While I ____ TV last night, I did my homework.

A. am watching

B. watch

C. watched

D. was watching

Answer :D

Solution :

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