Assam GK MCQ

96. Ali-Aai-Ligang is an agri-based festival celebrated by the

A. Bodo

B. Khasis

C. Mising

D. Naga

Answer :C

Solution :

97. "Me-Dum-Me-Phi" festival is celebrated annually on

A. 31st January

B. 31st July

C. 31st August

D. 31st December

Answer :A

Solution :

98. Assam Police Day observed on

A. 13th January

B. 4th April

C. 8th September

D. 1st October

Answer :D

Solution :

99. Which of the following districts of Assam has been declared as first tobacco free district

A. Karimganj

B. Kamrup Metro

C. Jorhat

D. Golaghat

Answer :C

Solution :

100. In which year was the Bodo Sahitya Shabha founded

A. 1952

B. 1956

C. 1959

D. 1978

Answer :A

Solution :

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