61. The Assam region was separated from the Bengal Presidency as "North-East Frontier" in the year

A. 1874

B. 1889

C. 1861

D. 1826

Answer :A

Solution :

62. The illustration work of the medieval Assamese text "Hastividyarnava" was done by

A. Suryakhari Daibaigya

B. Sukumar Borkaith

C. Dibar and Ddosai

D. Rama Saraswati

Answer :B

Solution :

63. The Gohain Kamal Ali road was constructed during the reign of

A. Nara Narayan

B. Parikshit Narayan

C. Viswa Singha

D. Raghu Dev

Answer :A

Solution :

64. The first Ahom Monarch to assume the Hindu title "Swarganarayan" was

A. Siva Singha

B. Pratap Singha

C. Jayadhwaj Singha

D. Suhungmung

Answer :D

Solution :

65. The first rebellion against the British rule in Assam in 1828 was led by

A. Piyali Phukan

B. Maniram Dewan

C. Gomdhar Knowar

D. Piyali Baruah

Answer :C

Solution :

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