Change of Voice ( English Grammar)

11. You can play with these kittens quite safely.

A. These kittens can played with quite safely.

B. These kittens can play with you quite safely

C. These kittens can be played with you quite safely.

D. These kittens can be played with quite safely.

Answer :D

Solution :

12. A child could not have done this mischief.

A. This mischief could not be done by a child.

B. This mischief could not been done by a child.

C. This mischief could not have been done by a child.

D. This mischief a child could not have been done.

Answer :C

Solution :

13. James Watt discovered the energy of steam.

A. The energy of steam discovered James Watt.

B. The energy of steam was discovered by James Watt.

C. James Watt was discovered by the energy of steam.

D. James Watt had discovered energy by the steam.

Answer :B

Solution :

14. She makes cakes every Sunday.

A. Every Sunday cakes made by her.

B. Cakes are made by her every Sunday.

C. Cakes make her every Sunday.

D. Cakes were made by her every Sunday.

Answer :B

Solution :

15. She spoke to the official on duty.

A. The official on duty was spoken to by her

B. The official was spoken to by her on duty.

C. She was spoken to by the official on duty.

D. She was the official to be spoken to on duty.

Answer :A

Solution :

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