Political Science Mock Test
1. The power of the Supreme Court can be enlarged by

2. Subjects in the -------------- schedule is beyond the scope of Judicial Review

3. The executive power in India is actually exercised by

4. এৰিষ্ট'টলৰ মতে এক ব্যক্তি চৰকাৰৰ বিকৃত ৰূপটো কি?

5. A member of the Parliament formally loss his membership if he consecutively abstain himself from -------- ------------ sitting of the House

6. What is the maximum gap permissible between two sessions of the Parliament?

7. who prepares the agenda in meeting of the Council of Ministers

8. ১৯৯৪ চনত কিমান ধাৰাত গাঁও পঞ্চায়তৰ কাৰ্যসমূহ বর্ণনা কৰা আছে?

9. কোন দেশৰ সংবিধান কঠিন?

10. The Directive Principles of State Policy have been adopted from

11. The Indian federal system is largely based on the pattern of

12. The President’s rule in a state can be continued at a stretch for a maximum period of

13. The word ‘socialist’ was added to the Preamble of the Constitution of India by which amendment

14. Article 352 of the Indian Constitution deal with

15. কোন দেশৰ সংবিধান শিথিল ?

16. The members of the Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to

17. The Union List consists of

18. Right to Property was removed from Fundamental Rights by which amendment

19. সামাজিক ন্যায় কি?

20. ৭৩ তম সংশােধনীমতে সকলাে ৰাজ্যতে পঞ্চায়তৰ কাৰ্যকাল কিমান ধার্য কৰা হৈছে?

21. Globalisation gives primacy to unbriddled

22. তলত উল্লেখিত কোনটো প্রস্তাৱনাত উল্লেখ নাই?

23. মন্ত্রী পৰিষদক কোনাে নিযুক্তি দিয়ে?

24. চৰকাৰে নগৰ সমিতিৰ কাৰ্যকাল কেইবছৰলৈ বঢ়াই দিব পাৰে?

25. The number of nominated members to the council of states is

26. The Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission is appointed by

27. Equality before law and Equal protection of law have been modelled on the Constitution of

28. ৰাষ্ট্রপতিক কোনে অপসাৰণ কৰে?

29. Planning Commission was formed by Government of India by a resolution in

30. Council of States in India can create an All India Service by