Assam GK Mock Test
1. Bagrurumba is performed by

2. Gibon Wildlife Sanctury is located at

3. Which one is the first assamese novel

4. When was Assam Provincial Congress Committee formed

5. Peng Karkli is a traditional festival celebrated by which tribe

6. When Bhupen Hazarika had been awarded with Dadasaheb Phalke Award

7. The Ahoms are the descendants of the ethnic___________ people

8. ‘ভানুমতী’ উপন্যাসৰ ৰচক কোন?

9. When the uprising of patharughat took place

10. The Guwahati Tea Auction was establishment in the year–

11. Who is the first barrister of Assam

12. পদ্মনাথ গোহাঞি বৰুৱাৰ সাহিত্য সাধনাৰ কীৰ্ত্তিস্বম্তস্বৰূপ গ্ৰন্থখন হৈছে

13. Which one is the largest district in Assam by area wise

14. The Treaty of Yandaboo signed between East India Company and which one of the following–

15. Farkhanthi is celebrated by which tribe ?

16. 'বৰগীত' সমূহক ʼNoble numbers’ আখ্যা কোনে দিছে?

17. হেম বৰুৱাই সম্পাদনা কৰা কাকত দুখন হ'ল

18. In which year Gopinath Bordoloi was arrested for taking part in the freedom movement–

19. When was Mizoram separated from Assam?

20. তলৰ কোনটো বছৰত মাধৱদেৱৰ মৃত্যু হৈছিল?

21. "Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai" won the National Film Award for best Feature Film in the year

22. 'উৰ্মিলা' শীৰ্ষক কবিতাটোৰ ৰচক হ'ল

23. Lakshminath Bezbarua is honored with Rasaraj by Assam Sahitya Sabha in the Year–

24. Total number of Parliamentary constituency in Assam

25. About 91% of world population of a particular animal species found in Kaziranga National Park is which one of the following

26. 'নিয়ৰ' কবিতাটোৰ ৰচক কোন ?

27. The Treaty of Yandabo was signed in the year

28. শংকৰদেৱৰ প্ৰথম সংলাপবিহীন নাট কি আছিল?

29. Which state was separated from Assam in 1963?

30. The first Assamese film Joymoti was released in the year