31. Which motherboard form factor uses one 20 pin connector?

A. Baby AT



D. All the above

Answer :C

Solution :

32. Storage which stores or retains data after power off is called____

A. Volatile storage

B. Non-volatile storage

C. Sequential storage

D. Direct storage

Answer :B

Solution :

33. The main job of a CPU is to

A. carry out program instructions

B. store data/ information for future use

C. Process data and

D. both (a) and (c)

Answer :D

Solution :

34. A computer consists of

A. motherboard

B. hard disk drive

C. central processing unit

D. All of the above

Answer :D

Solution :

35. When you cut or copy information it gets place in the___________

A. Clipboard

B. Mother board


D. None of these

Answer :A

Solution :

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