Assam Polity

16. Which of the following scheme of the Government of Assam aims to improve efficiency, ease of doing business and transparency in Public Financial Management?

A. Lead EAP

B. ReSTART Assam


D. None of these

Answer :C

Solution :

17. Which of the following act of the government of Assam deals with timely delivery of Government to Citizen (G2C) services?

A. The Assam Right to Public Service Act, 2012

B. RTI Act, 2005

C. The Assam Public Records Act, 2002

D. The Assam Repealing Act, 2005

Answer :A

Solution :

18. How many development council are present in Assam?

A. 32

B. 33

C. 35

D. 36

Answer :A

Solution :

19. Which of the following scheme of Govt. of Assam had been launched for village health outreach through Mobile Health Units (MHU)?

A. Spandan

B. Jeevan

C. Sanjeevani

D. None of these

Answer :C

Solution :

20. The innovative scheme of the government of Assam under the brand name “Amar Dukan” is being run by which of the following department?

A. Industry and Commerce

B. Food and Civil Supplies

C. Health and Family Welfare

D. Agriculture

Answer :B

Solution :

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