61. How can you apply exactly the same formatting you did to another text?

A. Copy the text and paste in new location. Then type the new text again

B. Copy the text and click on Paste Special tool on new place

C. Select the text then click on Format Painter and select the new text

D. All of above

Answer :C

Solution :

62. Which of the following is not one of the three 'Mail Merge Helper' steps?

A. merge the two files

B. create the main document

C. set the mailing list parameters

D. create the data source

Answer :C

Solution :

63. What is the shortcut-key for manual line break?

A. CTRL + Enter

B. Alt + Enter

C. Shift + Enter

D. Space + Enter

Answer :C

Solution :

64. Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MS-Word?

A. Down Cursor Key

B. Enter Key

C. Shift + Enter

D. Ctrl + Enter

Answer :B

Solution :

65. What is the shortcut key to display field codes?

A. Alt + F9

B. Ctrl + F9

C. Shift + F9

D. Space + F9

Answer :A

Solution :

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